Metalachi Blows the Doors Off The Turf Club

On Thursday night, Metalachi appeared at the Turf Club in St. Paul. I had heard of Metalachi, but have never seen them live. I watched a few YouTube videos, read a few articles and couldn’t wait for the concert. I went to the concert with high expectations and I was not let down. Metalachi was high energy, a little raunchy, OK, maybe a lot raunchy, hilarious and sounded great. Judging from the after-concert comments, cheers and crowd energy, I wasn’t alone.

Madness Malaga opened for Metalachi and my first thought was let’s hurry it up and get to Metalachi. They must have felt it as well telling the crowd, it’s great to play in front of such a large crowd, but we know that you aren’t here for us. After a couple of songs, I changed my mind and so did most of the crowd. Much like Metalachi, they have a very unique sound, but it was completely different than Metalachi’s blend. On their website, they describe themselves as “Madness Malaga formed in 2014 through an evolution of unique and characteristic rhythms that fuse rock, surf, cumbia, and a touch of musical madness that soars with lyrical poetry, making Madness Malaga the new sound of Latinx rock in Minnesota”. They completed their set and said they had to go and there were chants of one more from the crowd. But they said they had already ran long and needed to go. If Metalachi wasn’t scheduled to play next, I could have listened to them a lot longer.

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