Madness Malaga Now With A New Lineup Rises From The Ashes

Madness Málaga was founded in 2008 by Eric Malagón, and formally emerged in 2014 as a “unique and innovative project in the heart of the Twin Cities. Madness Málaga fuses ska, reggae, surf cumbia, and ragamuffin, with a touch of rock, blues, and funk: the new sound of Latinx rock in Minnesota“ performance review. This fusion of musical genres drive experimental rock sounds and tones from guitars, bass, drums and its poetic lyrics that reach the masses without borders creating a unique and characteristic ear catching experience.

Original members, Eric Malagon (Lead guitar and voice), Angel Escobar (Rhythm guitar) generate a madness of merging harmonious guitar sounds. With collaborating members Julian Salgado (Drums), Paul Blom (Keys), Maurice A. Jones (Bass guitar), Jake Ernst (Horns) and Mauricio Lenz (Congas), Nico Munoz (Timbales) full fill the creative process that has led to a very particular identity in the band.

Music is an excuse to enjoy memorable times among the members of the band. At the same time it is the passion that unites them making Madness-Malaga a unique option and perfect delivery of original Latin rock music.

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